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Daikon To Buta-niku No Sat-to Ni

Daikon To Buta-niku No Sat-to Ni

Daikon To Buta-niku No Sat-to Ni
(Light Simmering of white radishs and pork slices)

Ingredients(serving for 4 People)

  • Daikon(Oriental white radish, Große Wurzel..): 400g
  • Pork: (sliced into thin pieces): 200g
  • Komatsuna( Brassica rapa, Rübsen, espinaca japonesa..): 1 bundle
  • Soup stock
    • Golden Tamari Sauce / Golden Tamari Sauce + Dashi: 80 cc
      • Dashi powder (if you use Golden Tamari Sauce): 1tsp
    • Water: 2 Cup
    • Sake (Japanese rice wine): 1/2 tbsp
    • Mirin (Sweet Sake): 2 tbsp
  • Shichimi tōgarashi (seven flavor chili pepper, Sieben-Gewürz-Chilipfeffer, chile de siete sabores..) : Small amount

Cooking Instruction

  1. Peal the skin of Daikon, cut in half and slice into thin pieces.

  2. Cut Komatsuna into 5cm long.

  3. Put all ingredients of the soup stock (see Ingredients section abobe) in a cookingpot, boile it. Then add pork slices, untie it and remove the lye.

  4. After red color is gone on the pork slices, add Daikon (white radish) and Komatsuna and mix all.

  5. Boile it for short time, put off fire then put it in bauls, power the soup all over it and scatter Shichimi tōgarashi over it. Now, ready for serving.


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