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Ingredients (serbs for 2 people)

  • Egg : 1
  • A
    • Shiitake Mushroom juce: 1 cup
      • Soak Dried shiitake mushroom in warm water (1cup/250cc) for fiew minutes, then remove Shiitake mushroom from water.(we use shiitake mushroom later.) We use this water as shiitake mushroom juce.
    • Golden Tamari Sauce: 1 tsp
    • Sake (Japanese rice wine): 1 tsp
  • B
    • Chicken (Brest or Thigh): 50 g
    • Golden Tamari Sauce: 1 tsp
    • Sake (Japanese rice wine): 1 tsp
  • Dried shiitake mushroom: 2 (small size)
  • Wolfberry: a numbers you want
  • Nagaimo (Dioscorea opposita): 1cm, Peal the skin and cut thin.
  • Mitsuba (Cryptotaenia): 2 (Cut it in 2cm long.)

Cooking Instruction

  1. Prepare 2 cut pieces of chickens for each person. Prepare B (See the ingredients section abobe.) Soak Chickens in B and rub those as meats observe B its inside. Soak dried siitake mushroom in warm water(250cc). Remove mushroooms from water, remove its stem. Prepare A (See the ingredients above)

  2. Whisk egg well, add A and mix well together.

  3. Set 1, nagaimo and Mitsuba's stem in the cup (a cup for chawanmushi, you can use a cofee cup or small bawl, if it is not avirable.). Fill 2 in the cup and set those in a steamer. Steam it for 16 or 18minutes with low frame.

  4. Finally, put Mitsuba(leaf) and Wolfberry on the top. Ready for serving


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