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Age-saba No Oroshi-ni

Age-saba No Oroshi-ni

Age-saba No Oroshi-ni

Ingredients (Serving 2 people)

  • Mackerel (Cut in a piece, remove small bones): 150g
  • Potato Starch: 3 tbsp
  • Wheat flour: 3 tbsp
  • Cooking Oil: Adequate amount
  • Daikon (White Radish, It be grated): 100g
  • Asatsuki (Chive, Schnittlauch)cut in small pieces: 1/2 bundle
  • Sauce A
    • Golden Tamari Sauce: 2 tbsp
    • Oroshi Shoga (Ginger Paste, Grated ginger): propper amount
  • Sauce B
    • Soup stock: 200cc
    • Golden Tamari Sauce: 1.5 tbsp
    • Mirin (Sweet Sake): 2/3 tbsp
    • Suger: 2/3 tbsp
    • Shichimi Togarashi: small amount

Cooking Instruction

  1. Cut Mackerel in a piece, soak it in Sauce A(see Ingredients (above) for 15 minites, put potato starch and wheat flour over it, and deep-fry it.
  2. Put Sauce B in a cooking pot and simmer it, after it is cooked onece, add (1) and Daikon (grated) and cook again.
  3. Set all on a dish, sprinkle Asatsuki over it.


  • When you grate Daikon, before add it, remove juice from Daikon.


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