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What is Golden Tamari Sauce?

What is Golden Tamari Sauce?


Birth and The end


It was around 18th century, White Soy Sauce (Shiro Joyu) was found by chefs in Hekinan (Aichi Japan) in Japan. Hekinan was famous for tourists and ship transport business. There were a lot of soy manufactures already and their products had sold to large cities such as Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Edo(Tokyo). There were many restaurants and hotels in Hekinan.

The chefs in Hekinan had been concerning about how to offer meal with natural color of ingredients and it makes their meal more attracted to customers. Then they found that brewing soy sauce without soybean and taking short time of brewing stages creates transparent color of soy sauce.

Since then, white soy sauce had been popular across Japan, particularly, western part of Japan such as Kyoto, Osaka etc. However, the original characteristic of White Soy Sauce had diminished later, in modern times, white soy sauce contains less amount of soybean in order to enhance Umami (savoriness) of sauce.

leftt,Hekinan City


In 1999, the soy sauce manufacture in Hekinan city, Aichi, Japan, Nitto Jozo remake this clasic type of white soy sauce.

Nitto Jozo carefely followed the instruction of brewing methods of this clasical style of sauce that using natural water instead of using city water, only using Japanese made wheat (from Aichi, Japan) and using natural seasalt from Izu that is one of the most famous brand of natural seasalt in Japan.

Dificulties, new name and going oversea


When the company tried to registrate this clasical white soy sauce, it could not be passed, since the regulation did not allow the soy sauce does not have soybean.

So it means that whether Nitto should add soybean in order to use name “Soy sauce” or create new name for it. When they started to surbey their consumers whether they should add soybean or not, the result was “No” for almost 99%. So they named “Shiro Tamari” (Shiro = white, Tamari = a kind of soy sauce).

When Ikeda company, decide to export “Shiro Tamari” to the oversea market, they named “Golden Tamari Sauce”, since color of the sauce is actually gold rather than white.

Great Feature


  • "It is 100% made out of wheat" this is the only soy sauce which does not contain soybean which means the taste is very unique.
  • It is very rare and valuable as the only thing, which inherited the original features of the clasical white soy sauce.

Healthy and Tasty

  • 100%natural pure water with various natural minerals (From Asuke, Japan, famous place for pure natural water) was used instead of city tap water. Thus, the taste is better and healthier than factory made soy sauce.
  • Natural Brewing and hand crafted which mean the taste is better and healthier than factory made soy sauce.
  • Unlike other sauce, the sauce enhances the taste of ingredients and harmonizes nicely with its taste.
  • Gluten Free


  • It does not harm beautiful color of ingredients in tasty meal. You can enjoy the beautiful natural ingredients.

How to use

For eating meal

  • Tempura, various kinds of deep flied foods(fish, meats, vegetables, etc), Tofu, Sushi, Sashimi, Mochi, Yakizakana(flied fish), barbecue meat, Salad in healthy style(better with lemon, olive oil with flesh your favourite vegitables such as lettuse, cabbages, radish, carrot, cucumbers, etc.
  • Basically, the usage is same as ordinal koi-kuchi soy sauce(Kikkoman, etc)
  • Good combination with oily meals, deepflied meals, etc. Therefore, it's can be used with not only Japanese food but also can be used with non-Japanese food.

For cooking

  • Simmering(Fish, meats, vegitables), flied food(fish, meats, vegetables, eggs), soup(eg: Osuimono, etc), Soup for Japanese noodles(Udon, etc.), Oden, Tukemono(pickled vegetables), salad dressing, etc.
  • It can apply not only Japanese style of cooking but also wide range of non-Japanese food.

See more details of cooking information.

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